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WonderPana 66 FreeArc Essentials ND 0.9SE Kit – Rotating 145mm Filter System Holder, Lens Cap, Fotodiox Pro 6.6″x8.5″ 0.9 (2-stop) Soft Edge Grad ND and 145mm ND16 (4-Stop) Filters for the Canon 8-15mm EF f/4L Fisheye USM Ultra-Wide Zoom Lens (Full Frame 35mm)

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Premium grade, anodized aluminum, free arc rotating core unit
Fits industry standard 6.6″ wide filters, up to 4mm thick (such as schneider optics)


The WonderPana FreeArc provides the freedom to use and rotate 66 and 145 filters on your Wide and Ultra-Wide Angle Lenses. Because of the construction of these lenses, it’s normally impossible to install filters as there are no filter threads. In addition, standard filter sizes are not large enough to adequately cover the lens’s wide angle view. The WonderPana FreeArc changes all that by providing a complete kit for mounting our collection of both round and square filters. The all-metal Core attaches directly onto the lens with a secure mounting system. With the Core in place, you can now mount any of Fotodiox’s new ’slimline‘ 145mm round filters.

For even more filter flexibility, mount the WP66 square filter holders (these mount without tools on either side of The Core); once attached the photographer can easily slide in our 6.6” square filters (among the largest and most durable in the business). With the FreeArc, the square filter stage is rotatable 360 degrees. The Wonderpana FreeArc can accommodate either two square filters, or one round and one square simultaneously.

Fotodiox Pro ND Filters are true neutral density filters designed to darken the image. They features an even, neutral gray color for creative photography applications. The ND16 filter offers a +4 stop EV value which allows you to slow down the shutter speed or use a larger aperture in bright gut verträglich conditions. The Graduated Neutral Density darkens the sky while leaving the foreground unaffected, perfect for shooting sunset or sunrises where the sky is blown out and the ground is dark.

Kit Includes:
Dedicated WonderPana FreeArc Rotating Core Unit
Fotodiox Pro 145mm Neutral Density 16 (4-Stop) Filter
WonderPana 66 Upgrade Bracket – 6.6″ Wide Filter Holder Bracket Upgrade
Fotodiox Pro 6.6×8.5″ Graduated Neutral Density (Maß ND) 0.9 Soft Edge Filter

145mm Niveauvoll Duty Inner Pinch Lens Hut

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Premium nunmehrig, anodized aluminum, free arc rotating core unit
Fits industry standard 6.6″ wide filters, up to 4mm thick (such as schneider optics)
145mm x 1mm Standard leichtgewichtiger Prozeß Enabled
Included finely crafted, Niveauvoll duty inner pinch lens cap
24 Month Manufacturer Warranty